About me

My name is Safa and I am a London based recently qualified Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga student (YTTC 200 hour certified). I have been practising yoga for nearly four years and I am interested in the psychospiritual benefits of yoga, that is, the benefits to our mind, emotional states and our deeper soul.

I believe that through a sincere yoga practice everyone can realise immeasurable benefits at a holistic level. I also believe it takes many decades or even lifetimes to be able to call yourself a yoga teacher and for that reason I refer to myself as a yoga student, and probably will for many, many years to come.

In my vinyassa sessions each sequence is created especially to help people with emotional or mental states of mind or situations, such as anxiety and insomnia. Everything is focused towards self empowerment, where strength and vulnerability meet. Each asana, breathing technique and mudra is researched and selected for it’s ability to contribute to your mental and of course physical well being.


ॐ Namaste