Getting Behind The Anjali Mudra (Sanskrit: अञ्जलि मुद्रा)

49533c0c2e847a1110b848d38a2f6171In our asana practice and meditation we frequently put our hands together at heart centre, taking the Anjali mudra or praṇāmāsana (Sanskrit: प्रणामासन). A mudra is a seal, or a gesture that helps to lock in energy created during the practice. Anjali mudra is well known and is performed by pressing the palms together and towards the heart chakra with fingertips pointing up and thumbs resting at the sternum. This helps the right hand side and left hand side of the brain come together.


Our hands contain 48 nerves each with 3 main nerves running through them and our fingertips contain some of the densest collections of nerve endings in our entire body. Our hands are therefore one of our major sensory components and most of the nerves in our upper limbs have their destination in our hands. The theory behind mudras is that by pressing together two or more specific points in our finger tips we stimulate the flow of neurons which impacts our sensory system. Energy therefore can be redirected back into the body from our hands.


You can try it out and see how you feel when you press both hands together and close your eyes, noticing how your body feels. You might find yourself feeling more centered and relaxed or more calm and balanced. This mudra is commonly accompanied by a greeting ‘namaste’ and is also employed during specific asanas such as sun salutations.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


31616-familypraying-prayer-family.1200w.tnThe act of placing the palms together is common in many different countries and religions and is even demonstrated in the western world through clapping, as an offering of appreciation. It is now commonly understood that our body language is a reflection of our subconscious state of mind and is a truer expression of ourselves than our words, which are more closely monitored and controlled with minimal effort. Whilst our subconscious influences our bodily outward expressions, similarly we can use our body to influence our subconscious, it’s a dynamic process. This means by taking particular mudras we can effect the way we feel.